I am happy to create customized workshops and seminars to meet the needs and interests of your group. Contact me if you are interested in learning more.

Some of the many topics that I speak and deliver workshops on include:

• Erotic Entrepreneurship.  Erotic Entrepreneurship is an entrepreneurial approach to cultivating a deeply satisfying and erotically charged long-term relationship.  Erotic Entrepreneurs view their relationship as a creative endeavor. They appreciate their relationship as a living, dynamic entity, much like a business.  Many of the elements that contribute to a thriving business can also be applied to create a thriving relationship. Often we give our most attentive, responsive and polished selves to our clients, customers and business associates while our primary love partner gets the leftovers.  Learn how to re-think priorities and re-invest in your primary love relationship by implementing the 8 Principles of Erotic Entrepreneurship.  This presentation is designed for entrepreneurs and business professionals. It can be presented with or without primary love partners present.

• Women's Sexual Scripts.  Good girls don't...What sexual scripts did you learn to subscribe to? Are these sexual scripts supporting you in living a vital, passionate life or are they preventing you from unleashing your erotic potential? For women 18 and older. 

• Igniting the Flame of Desire in Long Term Loving Relationships. Committed love and erotic desire both relate and conflict. In this workshop we will uncover the many cultural myths and unrealistic ideals about romantic love and uncover the truth about cultivating eroticism in your relationship. For couples in committed relationships.

• Talking to Your Teens About S-E-X. Porn literacy is critical learning for kids today. Without porn literacy, kids form ideas and expectations about sexuality that are problematic and potentially harmful. In this workshop we will help teens understand how to differentiate porn performance from real sex in a way that allows for healthy integration of erotic imagery and realistic expectations of self and others. Teens will define and create their own healthy sexual values. For teens and their same sex parent.

• Sexy Aging. Most of us believe that sexual satisfaction declines as we age. Not so fast. Learn how sexuality and arousal changes as we age in ways that improve sexual satisfaction with age. In this workshop we will question myths propagated by "anti-aging" endeavors, and the performance model of sex as a pass fail test to get to the finish line.  Learn how to claim and celebrate yourself in whatever season of life you are in. Recommended for men and women age 45+. 

• Top 10 Myths of Female Sexual Desire. There are very good reasons why women, and men for that matter, lose sexual desire. Learn how to identify the most common, problematic myths about female sexual desire and how to empower yourself to cultivate as much desire as you wish to have in your life. For women over 18. 

• Negotiating Your Monogamy Agreement. Many couples today have an implicit monogamy agreement, but don't talk explicitly about what constitutes their monogamy agreement until someone violates it.  Is it okay to be Facebook friends with past lovers? It it okay to masturbate? View porn? Go to strip clubs?  If so, under what conditions?  What's acceptable and what's not? And more importantly, why do I feel this way?  These are some of the many questions couples will discuss in order to create a mutual and clear understanding about boundaries that safeguard their relationship.