As a Sex Coach, my goal is to help my clients experience more enjoyment and less stress in their sexual lives. I help clients learn to communicate sexually by intentionally sending and receiving both verbal and non-verbal cues with their partners.  I empower my clients with the education and expertise needed to become sexually confident. Areas of specialization include creating the foundation necessary for self-confidence, importance of self care, learning how utilize verbal and non-verbal communication styles to create attraction and sensuality, sensual pacing and building erotic excitement, giving feedback erotically and asking for what you want sexually, negotiating consent with respect and confidence, dating and relationship coaching and education aimed at enhancing the overall sexual experience for all.

I have spent much of my life studying people, relationships, physical and sexual cues, body language and the art of communication. Living in several states around the Continental US, Colombia and Africa, I devoted much of my personal attention to studying the effects of religion on the sexual culture of each community. Shortly after completing an extensive certification program through the Sexology Institute of San Antonio, Texas, my wife and I chose to move to Phoenix.  

Sex Coaching vs. Sex Therapy:  If you are clear that your sexual challenges have relational or emotional underpinnings then working with a Sex Therapist is better suited for you. I often works in conjunction with Sex Therapists here to provide additional support when needed. If, however, your relationship is solid or you would like support developing your sexual skills and improving your approach to sexuality, then coaching is an excellent choice. If you’re not sure, contact me or any of the therapists here for guidance. The entire team at The Scottsdale Center for Sex and Relationship Therapy works together for the same purpose, empowering you to create more confidence and joy in your life, with whomever is best suited for your needs!

Be sure to check our workshop page!  I teach educational workshops monthly on a variety of topics related to sexuality including: Erotic Touch, Increasing your Staying Power, Becoming Clitorate, Incorporating Sex Toys, etc. My workshops are an excellent way to learn more about sexuality in a safe, comfortable and inviting setting.  Workshops are limited to 12 participates so everyone is welcome to ask questions and participate at a level that feels comfortable. I can also provide customized workshops for your group, in a setting of your choice, or here at The Scottsdale Center for Sex and Relationship therapy. Contact me directly if you’d like me to provide a workshop for your group.

As a Sex Coach, I educate and support clients who want to:

  • Increase Sexual Self-Confidence

  • Know What to do Sexually with a Partner

  • Overcome Performance Anxiety

  • Learn Erotic Touching Techniques

  • Better Understand Erogenous Zones

  • Remain Aroused Longer

  • Better Control Erections and when Ejaculation Occurs

  • Become More Creative and Seductive in their Approach to Sex

Contact me directly call 209-499-7797 or email me at